Dear President Obama

May 05, 2016 · Featured, Video



Feature length documentary on the gas & oil industry in the United States and its place in the impending clean energy revolution. Produced and narrated by Mark Ruffalo, directed by Jon Bowermaster. Viceland picked up the film as a flagship feature doc that aired as part of its Earth Day programming for April and May 2016.

Principle photography occurred over the course of several years by multiple units, travelling from state to state conducting interviews with affected citizens while capturing iconic American landscapes overrun with fossil fuel infrastructures. Meant as an appeal to President Obama to reconsider his 'all of the above' policy on domestic energy production, the film also interviews an array of different experts who serve to provide some context for all of the various issues presented.

The story is presented as a linear road trip, moving across the country and telling brief but endearing stories that range from public health, environmental racism and climate change to land leasing and zoning laws. Solutions regarding a clean energy future are also presented, leaving viewers with more answers than questions as to what may happen next - not before asking for massive change from our leaders and ourselves.